January Talk - The MacGregors of Roro

Historian Richard McGregor will be giving a talk for the Glen Lyon History Society at 7:30PM on Saturday the 13th of January on: The MacGregors of Glen Lyon in history, legend and DNA. The talk will at Invervar Lodge in Glen Lyon and admission is free.

The history of the Clan Gregor is steeped in bloodshed and legend. Thought to be of royal decent, the MacGregors lost their ancestral home around Glenorchy at the head of Loch Awe at the end of the thirteenth century to the Campbells. From then on they became 'an outlawed, lawless and landless clan,' based around Rannoch, Balloch at the head of Loch Tay and Roro in Glen Lyon.

Glen Lyon was home to a large community of the MacGregors and although little remains of their settlements, they have left behind some great stories of wilder times. Most famous of all was the young clan chief Gregor MacGregor, who made a daring escape from his pursuers by leaping across the Glen Lyon pass. He was eventually captured and executed by Sir Colin Campbell in 1569. The persecution of the MacGregors continued relentlessly, leading eventually to the use of their clan name being banned in 1603.

The MacGregors have long since disappeared from Glen Lyon but the 'children of the mist' are not forgotten.

Richard McGregor is the chief historian for the Clan Gregor Society, first established in 1822. He will give a fascinating insight into the life and times of the MacGregors of Roro, as well explain attempts by the society to track down their ancestors through DNA testing.

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posted by Glen Lyon History Society Monday, December 18, 2006